music is art, too

Hello, person of the planet Earth.

As an artist, it was very hard for me to commit to a single form of art. And while some may consider Film as a different medium of communicating feelings, I do believe it’s art. My first ever talent was singing. I have been singing ever since I could speak. I can’t read music exceptionally well and I can’t do the academic stuff connected to music, but I’ve always had a good ear about rhythm, harmony, melodies, etc.

This is why I’ve always loved listening to music. And, more recently, I have discovered that while I’m listening, I’m actually imagining visuals in my head rather than new melodies. And it’s always been this way! This is why I chose to study film and this is also why I hope get to create a music video someday – possibly by getting in contact with musicians who hope to have their dream music video be made – so that my dream and vision could be fulfilled as well.

I’m going to show you some of my favourite music videos, ones that inspire me the most and that closely resemble what I would like to do in a music video (and, in some cases, in film).

Put on your headphones and prepare for the journey!… I have a good taste in music, I promise.

DISCLAIMER: I did not take any part in creating any of the music videos listed below. Any credit goes to the rightful owners.

What I like about this video is its connection to the lyrics – quite a literal one. It is beautiful and haunting, it starts off in one way and it escalates to finish in another.

The first time I heard this song was in Summer 2016. One of my best friends showed me the video and how it was filmed backwards. I’ve always enjoyed non-linear storytelling and so this was what made a huge impression on me. Soon after, the song came to be a hit – rightfully so.

This is one of these videos that create a whole new universe within itself. I love the colours and the feeling of it. It reminds me of a fairytale that I would read when I was a kid and the whole atmosphere of the video is magical and alienated.

This is one of my all-time favourite songs. I love every single bit about the song and its video. It shows how you don’t need many shots, different angles, special effects, camera movement and a fast edit to create something absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Another song by the same artist, one whose video I completely loved. It has such a variety of stories in such a small amount of time and I love how a single shot can tell so many things. You get stories just from the mise-én-scene and what you have on screen.

Run Boy Run has a very similar feeling to the third video I showed you. The action is mostly horizontal, it has elements of fiction and fairytales. I love the use of slow-motion and black and white and contrast in this video.

Ah, stop-motion. You gotta love it. I’ve always been a fan of it and ever since I saw the video, I loved it. It feels like coming home to something that you know you’re gonna love. It also has an interesting and touching story… about life and death.

Now this has been in my life for over a year now, but I’ve just recently discovered the meaning behind it. It was a dark winter night that I was listening to this song and I decided to pay a bit more attention to the video… and Eureka! I got the meaning of it. I felt like a genius afterwards. And then I realised that it’s made in such a way that it carries a different meaning to everyone who watches it. And that is the beauty of it.

I don’t tend to listen to what could be considered as “mainstream” music much, but I couldn’t skip on this one mainly because of the video (but because of Beyoncé’s amazing vocals as well). It is truly beautiful and it is so perfect it almost looks like it’s animated. And the vocals fit perfectly with the imagery. I hope I can play with things like that (underwater shots etc) in the future!

From underwater, I’m gonna take you straight to the atmosphere of Earth. I saw this video for the first time in my dentist’s office, right before a surgery was performed on me. The incredible video made such an impact on me that I just had to write down the name of the song. And the song is good, too – it gives you that warm feeling inside, the feeling of love.

Well, that’s it. I’m gonna stop pretending I’m a DJ now. I’ve surely missed out a few and I’m going to bang my head when I realise it, but oh well! I hope you had a good time. I hope you like my music taste and that you now consider music video making a lot more creative than it is sometimes considered to be.

Until next time,

P.S. I’m actually surprised I don’t have any Pink Floyd songs on here, as that is my favourite band and the one that creates the most visuals in my head.

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